Movie Fundraiser

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AMC 14 – Saratoga, 700 El Paseo de Saratoga, San Jose, California 95130
TICKETS are $14.50 each
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2018 AT 7:30 PM. Q & A Panel after movie.

PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System is an 83 minute movie shot all around the world over a three year period. It documents Bill Bennett’s journey to find the source of a voice which saved his life.
The movie features some of the world’s leading experts on intuition, spanning the fields of science, religion, and spirituality, and discusses what is intuition, how it works, and how we can access it to lead a more enriching life. Making the film changed Bill’s life – watching it could change yours.

Q & A Panelist:

Dr. Ayleen Augustine, Pastor Doti Boon, and Life Coach and Healer Sean Michael Imler

Ayleen woods

Dr. Ayleen Augustine, president of the Universal Church of the Master, creator of Healing House Kinkou School of Reiki, leader of The White Willow Druid Grove.
     Dr. Augustine is also a Reiki Master, and energetic healing practitioner. She has been invited by healers from around the world to study indigenous healing traditions. She is also a published author of Frequencies and co-author of Tapping Into God. She hosts a weekly international radio show “Healing House Radio with Dr. Ayleen”.
     Most people are aware of the connection between the mind, body and spirit and how it influences our health and wellbeing. Dr. Ayleen supports the philosophy that, as many rivers lead to the same ocean, many modalities lead to wellness and balance. While the perspectives of the effectiveness of and the differences between western and alternative medicine can be quite polarizing, true wellness is best achieved by finding a balance between the two that meets the mental, physical, energetic and spiritual needs of each individual. Holistic, Metaphysical, Energy or Mind, Body, Spirit healing has existed since the beginning of time amid religious beliefs and practices, along with the mystery, superstition, fear, and misunderstanding. Holistic Healing is now becoming recognized as not only a valid wellness option but also one that can work very well with conventional medical treatments.
Rev. Doti BoonDoti Boon, Pastor of the Center for Creative Living, church and healing center and creator of the Academy of Esoteric and Spiritualistic Studies.
     Rev. Doti Boon offers insight into a person’s future, present and past lives to provide direction and support. She has given readings to thousands who seek enlightenment. Her psychic counseling, warmth and sense of humor are appreciated by all. Doti has been teaching beginning and advanced metaphysics, planning metaphysical trips, and managing fund raising events and metaphysical fairs for the past 30 years. Doti is an author, a wonderful speaker and lecturer, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. Her book, WIN Life, Love and Lottery, is very popular and full of spiritual advice and lottery tips.     ,
Sean Michael ImlerSean Michael Imler, author of Living a Sacred Life – The Path to the Superconscious through Meditation and Spirit Contact.
     Sean is aware that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves on all levels; the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Our physical immune system is a perfect example. The doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, and counselor approach the condition from their points of view, but these disciplines don’t communicate with each other. As a healer, he uses many tools such as BodyTalk, which balances the core issues preventing our healing, be it physiological or mental/emotional.
     As a clinical hypnotherapist, he works with substance challenges such as food, tobacco, and intoxicants, as well as spirit invasion and past life regression. As a life coach, “He will go there” with you to find the personal challenges you’re facing and help you redefine and strengthen your foundation and structure on which to build a healthy life. He is currently teaching a course “Living a Sacred Life” which empowers you with the tools to live in balance with Mother Earth, her energies, and the other spiritual beings that occupy the same multi-dimensional space. Everything is alive. Everything has spirit!