Healing House Kinkou School of Reiki

Kinkou is Japanese for Balance. Reiki is an energetic healing tradition that not only returns the recipient to a harmonious, balanced state of mind, body and spirit, but benefits the practitioner as well. Through this class you will learn to become a sacred conduit and witness for the healing forces of the Universe.

AyleenAugustineThe classes will be taught by Dr. Ayleen Augustine, D.C., Reiki Master and Chief Instructor.

What is Reiki?

  1. History and Lineage
  2. Techniques (for individual and group healing works)
  3. Self-Care for the Reiki practitioner
  4. Starting a Reiki Practice
  5. Transmission of the Level I Attunement
  6. Post-Attunement Practice Sessions

The second session for this class will be April 23rd and the final session will be April 30.

The class fee of $100 covers all three class sessions. Each class will have a maximum of 20 participants.

For Level I practitioners who have already received their Attunement and would like to attend the classes for a review, the fee will be $75.00 for all three classes.

Can’t work a class into your schedule? Ask about our flexible individual or private group instruction opportunities!