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Sunday Afternoon Class, Oct. 266

“POWER TOOLS: Ministerial Ethics and Professional Improvement”

Dr. Rev. Kyle Burch  SUN., Oct. 26 – 1:00 to 4:00, $30 or $50 for 2

This will be an interesting class for everyone. Rev. Kyle is an excellent speaker. The course reviews philosophical and theological basis for Metaphysical behavior:  personal, professional, and social with emphasis given to the acquisition of pastoral skills in moral discernment and ethically responsible decision making and action. It provides a study of the distinctive character of Metaphysical Ethics and its moral ideal. Discussion will focus on “What type of minister am I?” and “What are my primary, secondary, and tertiary relationships?” “Am I clear about my healthy boundaries?” in the context of the spiritual vision informed by the perception and experience of the Metaphysical Faith. The issues of clergy sexual abuse, acedia, invidia, and vainglory will also be addressed.

Objectives include:
1. Review of the philosophical and theological basis for ethical thinking and activity.
2. Survey of major approaches to ethical reasoning;
3. Examination of the Social Principles of The Universal Church of the Master as a frame of reference for ethical decision making;
4. Exploration of ways to deal with ethical dilemmas inherent in selected contemporary moral issues;
5. Reflection on seeing oneself as a “PUBLIC PERSON” as well as case studies that challenge ministers to examine carefully their ethical responsibilities
6. Focus on pertinent issues for personal and professional life with indication of guidelines for ministerial ethics
7. Delineation of and reflection upon essential guidelines for Metaphysical Identity and moral behavior.
8. Resources for continued professional improvement and continuing education.

About the instructor
The Rev. Kyle Burch, EdD. has been active in the ministry of ministerial discernment and development since 1989 with The Conventual Franciscan Friars of California, The United Church of Christ, The United Methodist Church, and the Presbyterian Church (USA). Dr. Burch has received training and certification in the issue of clergy sexual abuse from the FaithTrust Institute www.faithtrustinstitute.org in Seattle Washington and served on the response team for the Roman Catholic Church following the arrest of a priest. He is also a member of the UCM Board of Trustees.