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Join Rev. Doti on BoldRadio October 22, 2014

Wed. Oct. 22, 2014 – 12 noon, Rev. Doti will be a guest speaker and giving psychic readings on Rev. Richard Jelusich’s radio program. The Light News Radio – Realms of Self-Empowerment on Bold Radio: (http://boldradiostation.com/show/light-news-radio-realms-of-self-empowerment/)

Thursday Night Metaphysical Class this Thursday night, Oct. 16

“Dreams of the Bereaved: Messages of Healing & Hope

Linda Mastrangelo, MA.  THURS. Oct.16 – 7 to 9, $15 or $25 for 2

Over the years, especially working as a grief counselor at hospice, many of my clients have shared that they have had dreams or visions of the person that died. Most shared dreaming of their loved one had a healing effect on their lives and gave them comfort. Others shared that they were “reliving” the last moment often tied to trauma, while others claimed their loved ones acted like the dreamer wasn’t there.

This type of dream is called the Visitation Dream and is a universal phenomenon that has been reported over centuries and around the world. Through my research and working with grief, what remains constant, regardless through what lens or belief system my clients hold to, is that these dreams and visions brought transformation in the form of courage, calm and even excitement in the face of the biggest mystery of them all, our own mortality.

     In this workshop you will:

•Learn about types of visitation dreams

•Discuss why we dream of the dead

•Share and explore how Visitation Dreams can bring  messages and healing

Linda Mastrangelo, MA, has been a prolific dreamer since childhood and has kept dream journals for over 25 years. Through her own personal practices, she discovered the remarkable potential of dreams as “good medicine.” Over time, Linda has developed techniques that have empowered people to make more mindful changes in their lives and their communities. She is a graduate level certified dream specialist, artist, educator and columnist on dreams with many years of training, facilitations, consultations and has presented her work internationally. Linda serves on the board of directors at the International Association of the Study of Dreams (IASD), is a member of CAMFT and has a private practice as an MFT intern in San Jose specializing in dreams and grief. For more information about Linda’s dreamwork and upcoming events please visit her at: lindamastrangelo.com and theenlightenedmind.net or you can email: lhmastrangelo@gmail.com or call (408) 658-6757.