DotiLaughingWe are a spiritual/metaphysical community dedicated to teaching, empowering and supporting all people, which includes YOU! CCL focuses on the positive aspects of life, including healing, mindfulness, sobriety and spiritual growth. You are warmly invited to participate in a wide offering of classes and events, and our weekly Sunday celebrations. Doti Boon also offers psychic readings, which can provide insight into a person’s future, present and past lives to provide direction, support and enlightenment.

Please join us in these December events:

SAT. Dec. 25 – 11:00 to 2:00 – Christmas Brunch and Gift Exchange. There will be a short service…brunch…gift exchange Please bring a wrapped gift for under the tree, $10 minimum, gender neutral, NEW please!

WED. Dec. 31 – 4:00 AM – World Peace Meditation. Lead by Rev. April Lussier. At noon Greenwich Time, December 31, 1986, men, women, and children around the world gather to participate in the most comprehensive prayer activity in the history– a planetary affirmation of peace, and love, forgiveness and understanding involving millions of people in a simultaneous global mind link. The purpose: to reverse the polarity of the negative force field in the race of mind, achieve a critical mass of spiritual consciousness, and usher in a new era of Peace on Earth.

WED. Dec. 31 – 8:00pm to 12ish – New Year’s Eve Meditation, music, munchies and more. 10:00ish to after midnight-ish we may continue on with games and snacks